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July 12, 2016

Thinking about booking a holiday?

Thinking about booking a holiday?

Despite what you may think if you take a look at the rain outside the window, Summer holidays are now upon us. This also means that we are likely to be more exposed to travel booking frauds when looking for last minute bookings to avoid the British weather, or cheap flights to find the sunshine.

Whether you’re booking a family holiday, accommodation in the most sought after area of town, or simply a flight, payments are sometimes transferred only to discover that the holiday / airline ticket doesn’t actually exist and you have in fact been dealing with a bogus travel company. Online fraudsters will often attract potential customers with surprisingly low prices and ‘one time only’ offers that are simply too good to pass up, requesting payment by the preferred method of direct bank transfer.

You may even be suspicious that it’s such a great offer, but then think ‘who can afford to pass up such a good deal’? Typically, if it seems too good to be true, it IS too good to be true!

Here are some basic tips to help keep you safe when booking holidays, accommodation or flights online.


  • Paying for a holiday, airline tickets or accommodation via direct bank transfer – no reputable company will ever request payment via this method
  • Responding to unsolicited calls, texts or emails offering holidays at incredibly low prices

 Protect Yourself

  • Whenever possible, pay for your holiday by credit card as it offers increased protection
  • Always remember to look for the ‘https’ and locked padlock icon in the address bar before entering your payment details
  • Never feel pressured to make a booking for fear that you will miss out on this ‘low price’ opportunity
  • If you have never used the company before, take your time to do some online research to ensure they are reputable
  • Should you make a booking through a travel company, check directly with the hotel / airline that your booking does indeed exist
  • Always check the hotel / airline direct booking prices – sometimes they are the same, or even cheaper, and some hotels will even match the best online price if you book direct with them


Don’t forget your travel insurance!

Check that the area you are travelling to, and the amazing but potentially risky activities you may get involved in (such as scuba diving, paragliding or bungee jumping!) are covered by your policy and not excluded.

It doesn’t add that much weight to put a copy of your travel insurance policy in your suitcase, just in case. Or, if you’re not one of those people who can pack light, photograph the document with your phone so you always have the details and contact numbers to hand – you can always zoom in to read the small print!


Over 100 years of innovation

  • 1914

    A successful launch! The Wilson Organisation was founded in Nottingham by Harold Wilson and became the first company in the East Midlands to offer a comprehensive insurance policy to the region’s fast-growing band of automobile drivers. Innovation from day one.

  • 1920s

    During the 1920’s, Wilsons developed its commercial insurance offering under the stewardship of Harold Wilson. Hopping forwards 80 years, Wilsons has developed a number of industry specialisms including a particular expertise in the food and drink sector. We created a unique insurance offering called “FoodProtect” and, through this service, have been able to deliver intelligence and cost-effective insurance programmes to a broad spread of leading food producers. The best thing since sliced bread? Maybe not, but we’re working on it.

  • 1949

    John Prow joined Harold Wilson in the business, marking the first generation of the Prow family’s involvement in The Wilson Organisation. Wilsons’ clients included leading Nottingham firm Boots The Chemist plus a number of operators in the burgeoning railway sector. With post-war regeneration beginning apace, the firm’s fledgling construction expertise quickly developed into one of our leading offerings and this continues through to the present day, with clients including national and regional builders, developers, contractors, sub-contractors and architects.

  • 1960s

    The 1960s were the start of a new era for The Wilson Organisation. Harold Wilson and John Prow died on the same day in 1963, Harold of illness and John in a car crash. This left John’s son, John J Prow, to run the growing business at the age of 27. Under his youthful direction, Wilsons benefited from a new energy and direction. John J Prow, who had joined in 1960 in a new business role, led the move into our current premises at Wilson House in 1964 and then launched the financial services division in the following year.

  • 1990s

    The late 1990s heralded the start of the third generation of the Prow family’s involvement in the business. Managing Director Charlotte Prow joined in 1998, to be followed by the firm’s Chief Executive, Annabel Prow, in 2002. Product and service innovation continued apace with the launch of a corporate finance specialism in 1997, which continues to deliver valuable cost-savings and insights to the region’s dealmakers.

  • 2000s

    Now century on from the launch of The Wilson Organisation in 1914, the company continues to encourage innovation and reward good ideas. Within the financial services team, 2008 marked the launch of “Flex”, a powerful employee benefit programme and the development of “WRAP”, an investment tool with a unique level of investor control and transparency. Meanwhile, our insurance advisers worked quickly to bring to market a specialist insurance policy for insolvency practitioners.

  • 2010s

    2010 saw the launch of the Midlands Family Business Awards by Wilsons, the UK’s only independent not-for-profit Awards for family businesses. Now in their fifth year, the Awards have raised almost £20,000 for charities supporting families and young people. In 2014 we are celebrating Wilsons’ centenary, a significant milestone in Wilsons’ history.

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