Financial Services

Consistent, Reliable, Transparent.

The Wilson Organisation provides businesses and organisations with corporate financial planning advice as well as personal financial management. Our goal is to keep things simple, well organised and hassle-free, helping you to focus on growing your business.

Auto Enrolment

Ensuring more people save for their retirement. Keeping you up to date with new regulations, providing support and advice and personalised services to suit your business requirements.

Corporate Protection

Helping you establish sound foundations and protection against unthinkable events that could jeopardise the future of your business and your employees.

Employee Benefit Programmes

Stand out from the crowd with our Employee Benefit Solutions – attract and retain better talent in an increasingly competitive business world.

Protection of Key People and Shareholders

Providing support and guidance to navigate complicated shareholders’ rights and directors’ obligations in difficult circumstances. Helping clients maintain financial security, business stability and continuity.

Succession Planning

Designed to provide continuity, leadership and ownership of your company. Let us be the guidance you need in your succession process.